SENSIStrip Macadamia nut 20 Stk

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Lateral Flow Test

Food matrix sensitivity: 2.5 ppm

Swabbing sensitivity: 0.007 µg/cm2

Rinse water sensitivity: 0.17 mg/L

The SENSIStrip Macadamia nut test is based on the principle of immunoassay. Macadamia nut containing sample is given into a reactions vial containing biotinylated antibody directed against macadamia nut proteins. After 3 minutes incubation at room temperature a test strip is placed into the reaction vial. The sample migrates along the nitrocellulose membrane by capillary forces. Along its way it releases gold nanoparticles conjugated to streptavidin. An antibody-gold complex is formed. For positive samples a red line is formed when the liquid reaches the test line area. In case of negative samples, no line is formed. In any case, above the test line area a red control line appears, indicating the validity of the test. The test is evaluated after another 5 minutes.