MacConkey Agar No 2 (CE) 500g

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. Application(s): Industrial, Food, Water
Organism(s): Enterococci & Streptococci, Enterobacteriaceae / Coliforms

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MacConkey Agar No.2 is a modification of MacConkey Agar which contains bile salts No. 2 for the recognition of enterococci. This is especially useful when looking for enterococci in the presence of coliforms and non-lactose fermenters from water, sewage and food products. Enterococci are frequently sought as an index of faecal pollution and appear on this medium as small, intensely coloured red-purple colonies. Non-lactose fermenters appear colourless, whilst bile tolerant Gram-positive organisms, such as staphylococci and non-faecal streptococci, are completely inhibited.